Wellness Workshops


Wake up every morning with a Mindset full of happiness and gratitude. How? The quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life. Learn how a positive Mindset makes you more productive, creative and resilient in your everyday life, even in life’s most challenging times. Although we can’t change our DNA, we can change the way we perceive experiences and turn them from a negative to a positive.


Mind Full or Mindful? Are you in charge of your thoughts or are they in charge of you? Learn to be more mindful in your life and apply it to that unsettling email, a stressful meeting or walking into your house to be with your family after a long day of work. The fastest way to slow down or to be more present in your life is to connect to the breath (the one direct interface that connects our brain to our body). Learn how “meditations for busy people” enhance clarity of mind, help us solve problems faster, and teach us more patience with yourself and others.


Conquer tech postures and experience desk de-stress with 10 easy movements and practical tips you can apply both at the office and at home. Learn victory poses that lengthen your body, encourage a deeper and fuller breath and give you more energy and vitality throughout the day.


Introduce a yoga fit or a yoga balanced class to promote good health and well-being at your Company. Motivate your team with inspirational themes that drive productivity, encourage “team building” and reinforce corporate culture. Provide a benefit to your employees that make them healthier, happier and more loyal while at the same time, providing a return on investment for your company.


Combine mind, motivation and movement themes to create your own customized workshop or class that is complementary to your corporate culture or message that is uniquely yours.

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