My Story

bioThe Inspirational Coach

Stacy´s philosophy for every class is to build an exceptional Customer Experience for her customers. “I am honored that people give me an hour of their time and it my mission and responsibility to create a class that is challenging, inspiring, efficient and fun.”

Stacy has been exercising her entire life and is always looking for new ways to challenge the body. Stacy is certified in Yoga with Weights, Yoga Sport, Power Yoga, Suspension Training and as a Group Fitness Instructor from NAFC.  Stacy is the creator of Viva Yoga Sculpt, Viva Cardio Sculpt, Viva Yoga Fusion, Viva Yoga Balance, Viva Core Sculpt and Viva Suspension Sculpt.

Although Stacy is currently fully dedicated to combining fitness with motivational speaking, she has an MBA and spent over 17 years in a variety of high-level sales and marketing positions, including over 15 years working with Fortune 500 companies on their retail solutions.   Stacy understands the mentality and challenges of the workplace making her ideal to teach and transform company spirit.

Stacy, originally from Los Angeles, California, has been thrilled to introduce the practice of Viva Yoga Sculpt to Spain, a beautiful country which has a very special place in her heart!

“Viva Yoga Sculpt classes are the perfect combination of exercises to build strong muscles, increase bone density, and to get a good cardio workout.”

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