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Wake up every morning with a Mindset full of happiness and gratitude. How? The quality of your thoughts determines the quality of your life. Learn how a positive Mindset makes you more productive, creative and resilient in your everyday life, even in life’s most challenging times. Although we can’t change our DNA, we can change the way we perceive experiences and turn them from a negative to a positive.


Mind Full or Mindful? Are you in charge of your thoughts or are they in charge of you? Learn to be more mindful in your life and apply it to that unsettling email, a stressful meeting or walking into your house to be with your family after a long day of work. The fastest way to slow down or to be more present in your life is to connect to the breath (the one direct interface that connects our brain to our body). Learn how “meditations for busy people” enhance clarity of mind, help us solve problems faster, and teach us more patience with yourself and others.


Conquer tech postures and experience desk de-stress with 10 easy movements and practical tips you can apply both at the office and at home. Learn victory poses that lengthen your body, encourage a deeper and fuller breath and give you more energy and vitality throughout the day.


Introduce a yoga fit or a yoga balanced class to promote good health and well-being at your Company. Motivate your team with inspirational themes that drive productivity, encourage “team building” and reinforce corporate culture. Provide a benefit to your employees that make them healthier, happier and more loyal while at the same time, providing a return on investment for your company.


Combine mind, motivation and movement themes to create your own customized workshop or class that is complementary to your corporate culture or message that is uniquely yours.

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Raquel Muñoz
Generalist, Talent & OD Head Spain, Portugal & Israel / GSK

Raquel Muñoz – GSK

In these times of uncertainty, we have had to think about new ways to energize and motivate our team both physically and mentally in order to maintain a happy, healthy and balanced organization. For that reason, we decided to partner with Stacy Viva who offers LIVE inspirational yoga classes for all levels. Regardless whether its your first yoga class or if your an established yogi, this REAL TIME class can be enjoyed from the comfort of your home. It was a pleasure to work with Stacy especially since she understands where in the body we store stress (the neck, the shoulders, and the back, etc.) and how to release it. I never thought that a movement class through videoconferencing could be so motivating but with Stacy its possible without a doubt. Thank you Stacy for making a difference in our day!

Ainhoa Griño
Retail Manager / Omega

Ainhoa Griño – Omega

This year we wanted our training event to be very different for our salespeople and upon contracting Stacy as our speaker, we achieved it with great style. First, Stacy relaxed us and inspired us with a class full of movement and fit for all levels.  Second, Stacy gave us a talk on "how to be the best version of ourselves from morning to night" that incorporated how to align our spine with simple postures, how to calm our minds in stressful moments using mindfulness techniques and finally, how to obtain more happiness in our every day lives.  The talk was priceless because it gave us practical lessons that we could apply throughout our day.  If you want an event outside of the norm and full of inspiration,  Stacy´s class and talk are over the top!  Thank you Stacy!

Inés Candel
Brand Specialist and Member of the Connect Committee. / Amazon

Inés Candel – Amazon

We organized a series of 10 yoga classes for our employees and they couldn't of been happier with the results.  Stacy is so personable and she adapts the class to everyone's level, making her style so personal and original.  She is full of positivism and she compliments it with uplifting music.

Ruth Ortiz
Global Reward Performance and Mobility Director, Telefonica Group / Telefonica Group

Ruth Ortiz – Telefónica

Energized! Invigorated! Refreshed! Restored! Empowered! Wow! That´s how we feel after an early morning session with Stacy! Not only does Stacy challenge our bodies, but she also challenges our brains. Stacy optimism is contagious and her inspirational messages are a perfect way to start the day. This is critical for, when working in a fast moving environment and interacting with people of all over the world; as it provides us the tools to face all those challenges with great strength and extraordinary positivism.

Lucia Francesch
Deputy Editor en TELVA, a Spanish fashion magazine / TELVA

Lucia Francesch – TELVA

“Viva Yoga Sculpt is where preparation meets fun!  Mixing yoga with weights is a perfect combination of strength, alignment and elegance all in one class.  I don´t consider myself a typical yogi but this is different.  It´s more athletic and dynamic and moves quickly with fun music.  I feel my muscles working throughout the class.  Stacy´s energy is amazing and the class is filled with practical insight that I can apply to my everyday life”

Teresa Martí Marco
Key Account Manager / Cigna Salud

Teresa Martí – Cigna Salud

Stacy´s strong suit originates from the fact that in just a few short minutes into the presentation she is able to explain the mind-body connection through simple examples that one can relate to and can transmit her knowledge and experience with clarity and style. This is what distinguishes Stacy from all other coaches. With Stacy, we learned key strategies in how to be "mindful" outside of a yoga class and how to correct habitual "technology postures" in our workplace. The glorious example of the two minute "Power of the Pause" made the group feel reinvigorated and empowered.

Nina Petrini
Directora – Global Equity Sales / Barclays

Nina Petrini – Global Equity Sales

“Sculpting with Stacy gives me a lot to look forward to. It is not simply Yoga, nor is it simply a work out, it is the perfect combination of both, a continuous balance of energy throughout the class, strength builds up, every single muscle is burning at its fullest. That positive spirit that arises is fuel for the rest of the week! I just feel that this is so good for me, inside and out.”

Pierre Bancon
Brand Manager in Spain / AVEDA

Pierre Bancon – AVEDA

We have worked with Stacy on numerous occasions and she never stops surprising and inspiring us. Her content is always unique and motivating, really aligned with Aveda’s values and mission of “combining beauty, wellness and respect of the environment”. We just celebrated a special client’s event in Madrid during which Stacy animated her 1 hour format of yoga class with a meditation which was a big success.

Marta Delgado Echeverria
Of Counsel / Jones Day

Marta Delgado – Abogada

What Viva Yoga Sculpt does for me and why I love it is that it keeps me fit but without the feeling that I have no energy left after the class. It is smooth but firm and I leave with lots of good energy and very relaxed. Unlike other types of exercises, I don't feel that it's an aggression to my body, my muscles, my lungs, but on the contrary it´s all a benefit to me.  I recommend it to anyone who wants to have firm muscles, gain strength, flexibility and lose weight. Plus Stacy's energy and connection during the sessions is great!

Juan Inegrin – Marylanza

I was never a fan of yoga until I tried Viva Yoga Sculpt - its yoga for athletes!  While it focuses on the breath and alignment, it is fast paced and challenging.  Stacy´s class works on building strong muscles and enhancing bone density and at the same time, creates an atmosphere that is engaging and fun.  The music is upbeat and the class is well choreographed.

Juliana Pereira
CEO Mi Calle de Nueva York. / Mi Calle de Nueva York

Juliana Pereira – Mi Calle de Nueva York

Stacy brings out the best in people and with her workout, she makes one aware of their body and their mind...but that´s not all, my favorite part is her quote of the day, she brings consciousness to all your surroundings. I feel that my body and mind have been uplifted and it serves as my moment of "MY TIMEOUT" in a busy day. I get to that place best when I am motivated by a great leader like Stacy

Jill Stribling
CEO - English for Fun / English for Fun

Jill Stribling – English for Fun

Viva Yoga Sculpt classes are awesome!  It provides me mental health, a strong body and gives me an opportunity to team build with my employees.     I find that it puts my employees in a better place mentally, drives productivity and inspires them to have a more positive attitude.  Stacy has a way of motivating us to go deeper into our bodies and minds because the class is full of thought provoking themes and inspirational moments.