Viva Yoga Sculpt is a full body workout that combines yoga, weight bearing exercises, core strengthening, plyometrics, cardio bursts, and stretching in a 60-minute action pack class with upbeat music. The class flows like a yoga class with basic yoga poses, but challenges the body more with external resistance. The class is performed with weights ranging from .5 to 3 kilos in order to create resistance and intensity for each pose. However, the class can be done entirely without weights and one can still expect to get a good workout. Viva Yoga Sculpt tones and sculpts every major muscle group in the body and works to increase strength, flexibility and stamina to achieve new heights.

Increases lean muscle mass without adding bulk
Strengthens bones decreasing chances of injury and osteoporosis
Builds stamina and flexibility for long-term health


Viva Cardio Sculpt fuses cardio with exercise balls, weights, and pilate props for a high impact 60 minute workout. The class also incorporates exercises challenging the core, equilibrium and coordination. The breath is used throughout the class as a tool to pace oneself and build stamina. The class burns calories leading to weight loss and is a perfect complement to Viva Yoga Sculpt, Viva Suspension Sculpt, Viva Balance Sculpt, Viva Core Sculpt and Viva Yoga Fusion, because it adds an additional element of cardio that is so important in maintaining a healthy heart. The class moves are choreographed to music making it fun, challenging and entertaining.


Ideal for anyone new to yoga and breath work and wants to learn and master the basic poses.  This is a one hour Level 1 yoga class and focuses on opening up the body from head to toe while connecting the breath to each movement.  We work on strengthening and stretching the body to gain length and openness.  We practice aligning our joints in the poses and strengthening our muscles.  Balance is a constant theme in the class and we apply it to our bodies, our minds and our spirit. If you have taken yoga or not, this is a perfect introductory class which is both fun and challenging.   The class is based on a Vinyasa style yoga and is set to music that will invigorate the body.


Ideal for anyone new to sculpting exercises or wants to work on balance to improve strength, increase flexibility, and find focus. This class concentrates on yoga balancing poses while maintaining a strong core and focuses on opening the shoulders, hips and spine as well as strengthening the upper and lower body. The class promotes flexibility, stamina and balance in our everyday movements (picking up heavy boxes, preventing a fall or running to catch a bus or a plane). Paired with music, this class invigorates your entire body.


Strengthen the Core and improve your life! It´s your center, your nucleus, and your stability and we depend on it to support our upper body and ground our lower body. Based on a practice of hatha yoga and a yin style, this class works the connective tissues and the joints by holding stretching poses and breathing naturally. This class alleviates body pain and opens areas in the body that are tight so that the energy, blood and oxygen can flow through all parts of the body.


Viva Suspension Sculpt is the perfect combination of lengthening and strengthening the body naturally and organically to where you feel the maximum benefit. The 60-minute class is performed entirely with one’s own body weight and incorporates yoga poses with suspension bands, suspension bands strength training, core and floor exercises, plyometrics, and suspension bands balancing poses. We use the breath as a tool to maximize each movement and to lengthen the body.   The class is invigorating, challenging and fun and combines music that is upbeat, motivating and inspiring.