Stacy Viva


Mobile: 622 364 036
Classes taught in English and Spanish

iQtra2iQtraEl Viso

Calle Jarama, 15, 28002 Madrid

serranoBarrio Salamanca

House of Beauty
Claudio Coello 56, (First Floor)
28001 – Madrid

Experience Viva Yoga Sculpt Today!

This is where we…

  • Focus and Re-Al ign
  • Experience Mental Clarity
  • Practice Balance and Patience
  • Empower and Strengthen our Body, Mind and Spirit
  • Breath
  • Center and Renew
  • Sweat and Detox
  • Inspire Personal Growth and Transformation
  • Work on all major Muscle Groups in an hour
  • And Most of All…Have Fun!

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